This one weird trick solved this person’s back pain 

I want to explain a trick that I use with back pain sufferers, let me tell you about how I found out about this trick. 

I was seeing a client, called Brian, very soon after I graduated from Chiropractic College at the AECC in Bournemouth.

He had such a ‘hot disc’ and excruciating low back pain. I had seen him for 2 weeks and we just couldn’t get any consistent relief, he felt better for a bit, then it would come back after 24 hours.

He was a big gym goer and enjoyed being active, he was also an adrenaline junkie and loved skydiving and climbing, he was prepared to give anything a go. 

I saw him after the weekend and he skipped in to my office, I thought ‘yes i’ve got him better this is great’

He began to tell me that he was coming down the stairs one morning and felt really compressed and stuck in his back. He told me he went through this archway in to the kitchen.

He grabbed on to the ledge on the archway and just let his legs hang down, he put his weight through the shoulders and his whole back went off like a firecracker, pop, pop,pop. Sometimes this can be a bad thing, but in this case it was great for Brian.

From then on he felt looser and lighter like he had more space in his back and he was able to move more freely. 

What happened is that he had taken the pressure off his low back and discs and this had unloaded his disc to allow it to breathe and reduce his pain. 

This is how I started to look into spinal decompression and intersegmental traction. 

We have intersegmental traction (roller tables) in the clinic that cause the joints to flex and take pressure off the discs. 

Should you do this at home? 

Well yes, but do it gently and don’t over do it. 

  1. Start by putting your hands on the ledge of the door frame
  2. Have you feet touching the floor
  3. Gently take some weight off your feet and let your body hang
  4. Keep your toes touching the floor for stability (you don’t want to swinging)
  5. Let your body drop and relax, take a big breath

If this causes too much pain then just stop and go back to normal. Hang for 30 seconds and if it feels good then hang for another 3 sets. 

If this gives you relief then you would be a prime candidate for spinal decompression and our roller tables. 

We are giving our clients a chance to experience the roller tables in our Addlestone clinic, you can have a taster session for 10 minutes and see how you feel after. If you respond well to the door stretch then you should be good on the roller tables.

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If you do know someone who wants more advice, please send them our details. You can send them this assessment as well to diagnose their back pain. It is a great tool to understand where your back pain is coming from, it is free and takes 60 seconds. Click here for assessment

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