What Is A Slipped Disc?

The Falsely Named ‘Slipped Disc’

This is a term that is loosely used and incorrectly used because discs don’t actually slip. Spoiler alert

So what actually happens and what is a disc?

The discs are between your vertebra which are the bones through your spine, the most common areas for disc injuries are in the neck and the low back. We tend to see low back discs the most here at the clinic.

The discs are cushions in between the joints to help absorb shock and increase flexibility in your spine. However over time with sitting and working from home this can put pressure on the discs.

They are like jam donuts and over time if you press down on a jam donut then it will begin to flatten out and also the jam will start to press out of the sides.

When you have a back spasm this is the muscles locking you in place to prevent any damage happening to the discs so the jam doesn’t come out-this is called a prolapsed disc, when the disc has pressure on it and the ham is still contained, this is a bulging disc.

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How To Treat A Slipped Disc

Main thing is to find why it has happened?

Then to get the pressure off the disc to allow it to heal. It takes time though, if you have had a back issue for over 5 years and the disc is prolapsed, it can be a tedious process.

We use a variety of techniques here inculd9gn spinal adjustments and decompression therapy.

But at home you should try these exercises here 

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What Is Decompression Therapy?

Have a look at this video here to find out more

It’s a simple technique to take pressure of the disc, it works by pulling the base of the spine away from the top very gently to create more space in the low back, very simple yet very effective.

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