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We look after people who are looking to achieve their full potential and live their best.
The main reason we started West Chiropractic is to provide a solution for people in the
community to have hope, that they don’t have to rely on long-term pain medication or fear of
losing mobility and independence.

The most important aspect of the clinic is the experience that our clients have with us, which is
why we continue asking for feedback in areas we can improve and ensuring we act upon these.
Each day I love coming to the clinics and seeing our clients. It’s never a day at work when you
continue to enjoy what you are doing and you’re with people who love what you do.

We are constantly learning and improving our service with our front of house client interaction
with our team right down to the diagnostics and treatment delivery and our promise to you is that
we will never stop improving and learning.

Chiropractic is the study of the nervous system, how it functions in the body as the nerves
control all the muscles, the ligaments, the organs and cells in your whole body. It’s important for
the spine to be in the best position.

Common conditions we see that are associated with the spine include lower back pain, neck pain,
sciatica and headaches. We are constantly meeting people who have seen many different
practitioners and medical doctors that are chasing symptoms. 

Here at West Chiropractic, we are looking for the root cause of the issue, to ensure that we know
exactly what we’re treating and correcting it for the long term.

To ensure we give our clients the best chance of getting better, we carry out a thorough initial
consultation which involves a full spine exam, medical history, posture analysis and then we take
X-rays (if justified) to understand the full picture. We will then process the information and
invite you back in for a report findings. We show exactly what we have found, why it’s
happening and how we can get it fixed.

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