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Looking to work in a setting that is challenging yet extremely rewarding?

Perhaps you want a role where you can truly help patients to regain control of their life. Or maybe, you’ve been a chiropractic patient yourself and now want to give back. Either way, we’re looking for passionate, dedicated and hardworking people to join our team at West Chiropractic.

In return, we’ll provide you with fantastic facilities, a supportive team as well as unrivalled growth and learning opportunities – thanks to our increasing number of practices. Not just that, but our practice has over 200 positive reviews making it a great place to work too.

What Jobs Are Available?

As well as looking for passionate, hardworking and dedicated Chiropractors, we’re also on the search for new Front of House staff. This would include being responsible for meeting and greeting our patients, taking care of general admin tasks and representing our practice when answering phone calls and emails.


As well as the above, we provide our team of Chiropractors with the best environment to work in. This includes state of the art facilities which currently include:

We don’t stop there either as we’re extremely dedicated to providing endless opportunities for our staff to learn and better themselves. Whether in-house training or external programmes, you’ll be given the chance to undertake regular sessions on chiropractic skills, best practice care and patient communication.

Our commitment to you

Choosing your next potential employer is a big decision. Not to mention, accepting the role. After all, you need to trust that it’s the right fit for you. For this reason, we promise our Chiropractors a few things:

  1. Our patient list is growing and we have a team working in the background to ensure that this continues
  2. We use the latest technology and facilities to make your job easier and integrated with all services we offer
  3. The team at West Chiropractic are proud to have built up a reputation for being supportive, professional and, most importantly, friendly

Working at West Chiropractic

When you choose to work from our clinic, you’ll join an experienced and professional team who are not only there for their patients but also one and other. Each week, you’ll see around 80-100 patients and you’ll never be left alone in a treatment room. The atmosphere in the clinic is a relaxed one and you’ll be encouraged to give your medical views and show your personality. If you have any questions about the job role or would like some more information about working at West Chiropractic, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What our clients have to say

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