I’m Not In Pain, I Just Want To Stay Mobile & Flexible Long Term

I’m not too bad just want to stay mobile

So for those who don’t know, we do a frequently-asked-question in the clinic. One of our clients has asked us this week, “I’m not too bad. I’m just wanting to maintain my independence, my mobility long term and there must be other people out there who got much worse pain than me. But I’m just looking to try and keep as active as possible longer term and I don’t want this to develop into anything bigger.”

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This is something we hear a lot and people apologise. They say, “There must be so many more people out there with much worse back pain than me. But I’m just looking to stay healthy long term.”

It’s a really proactive way to view your health. If you’re always trying to work with a prevention mind-set rather than looking to just put a plaster over it, then you’re always going to have much better long-term outcomes with regards to your health and that’s not just for chiropractic and back pain. That is with all health.

How do I keep mobile?

So if you do notice something, remember that the symptoms are just the tip of the iceberg. There always is going to be something underneath the surface. Your body does an incredible job of compensating over a long period of time to hide that from you, to keep functioning, to keep working until one day it just says, hey, enough is enough and that’s when it can develop into something more serious.

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So you’ve all had that family friend or that person who was on a staycation or jumping around on the weekend, bent down to put their socks on and their back went and they were in crippling pain for the whole week, didn’t get to enjoy the holiday. Oh, that just didn’t happen overnight. They put their socks on every day for the last 40 years, 50 years.

How to protect my posture as I get older

So why was it that one point? There’s always something going on beneath the surface. So you need to be proactive about your health and if you do have something going on, make sure that you’re seeking some professional advice. If we can help, fantastic. Comment below. Let us know. We can give you a call, offer some advice. It may be just that you need to do some home exercises just to keep the symptoms at bay.

But if there’s something more sinister going on, then we can always prevent that from turning into something more serious. It takes a lot longer to fix in the longer term. So always prevention, prevention, prevention much better than cure.

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