How To Help With Neck Pain

4 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Neck Pain

  1. Which pillow should I use?

Pillows are especially important when it comes to the neck pain. It is a minefield out there, which one you should choose? A feather, orthopaedic or memory foam, which one is best?

The correct answer is there is no one pillow for one individual, particularly anybody suffering with neck pain. The reason being everybody’s neck is different and every pillow will mould differently into your neck. The best thing is to try what works best and keep repeating it for at least 30 days so your body can build up some sort of consistency. The issue I have with feather pillows is that you never have the same amount of support for your neck and your shoulders each night. It is always a different consistency from the body can never fully adapt.

The great thing about using a memory foam pillow or an orthopaedic pillow is that it is the same every single night, every single day. And you do not need to worry about not having the same amount of support. I would recommend purchasing one. Do not break the bank no more than £40. Be a good tester, start with and see how you get on with that. We have stock in the clinic of some bamboo orthopaedic pillows, so please email and we can arrange one for you.

  1. Chin retraction exercises

This can be done when you are driving, sitting, standing, it is a very simple exercise in order to restore the normal curve in the spine. There should be a nice C shape curve in the neck to support the head and give you springiness and shock absorption through the discs. This takes the pressure off the shoulders and allows the spine function properly.

All you do is simply pull the chin in, like a double chin. You do this and hold it for three to five seconds. Repeat 10 times. Do not pull the chin down or let the head tip forward, just back.

Try and do as many times as you can throughout the day.

  1. Don’t crack your neck

When you crack your neck, it causes some of the joints to become more flexible, more mobile than others. The tension and stress builds in the neck because there is a joint that is misaligned and needs to be moved. We would call the misalignment, and this becomes more immovable. And that can cause long-term issues or arthritis. It is important to not crack your own neck. Please seek a professional and you start cracking your own neck.

You find that you need to be doing it more often. The relief lasts for less time, and it causes problems with the rest of the body.

  1. Using A Smartphone

Do not use a smartphone! I am just kidding. You must use an iPhone or some sort of smartphone currently. I’m not sure I know of anyone that doesn’t have one, but there is a specific way to use it.

And it is with the shoulders drawn back, chin tuck back in, rather than kneeling down over the phone will cause a lot more stress through the spine. Always making sure you are retracting the shoulder blades and taking the pressure off the neck.

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