3 Strength Training Exercises To Improve Posture

3 Strength Training Exercises To Improve Posture

Posture is something you can change just by ‘standing up straighter’.

That is a bonus, but you can’t actively stand up straighter the whole time, there needs to be a change in the muscles and neurological blueprint to make a subconscious change in how you hold your posture.

This is done with practice and repetition. The reason our posture gets poor, is because of practice and repetition of sitting poorly or lifting poorly and that creates repetition for the body, and it will start to change.

If we started going to the gym three times per week and actively started training, we would see a difference in our body. Walking would become more comfortable, easier to play sports and lift objects. This is positive re-enforcement.

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What can be done to improve posture?

1) Back extension-this is a great movement to extend the back. We spend too long sitting and hunched over, this does the reverse of that and strengthens up the mid and low back to help keep you upright. This will benefit the posterior chain (back muscles) to hold your posture for long periods when sitting or standing. Watch here

Lie on your front on a bed or the floor, and rest on your forearms. Your back will be gently arched. Hold this position. Start gently with this exercise as it can cause some stiffness when you first begin.

There is a more advanced version here

2) Wall angel-those of you that have been around me for a while will know that I’m a huge fan of the wall angel. It is similar to the back extension in that it stretches the shoulder blades and thoracic spine backwards into extension and provides relief through the shoulders. Useful if you are desk based or have been hunching over working lots.

Stand with your feet a few inches from a wall. Place your arms at shoulder level, with your elbows bent. Slide your elbows up the wall as far as feels comfortable. Keep your shoulder blades drawn back and down. Return to the start position. This exercise can help improve shoulder mobility and posture. Slow and controlled movements. Watch here

3) Reverse Fly- this is a great strength exercise to open up your chest and bring your posture back in to a good position. Hold each end of a resistance band in both hands and step away from the apparatus until the band is taut. Slightly bend at the elbows and bring each arm out laterally to your side. Slowly bring the hands back to the starting position and repeat. Watch here

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