The downward cycle vs the upward cycle of pain

The downward cycle vs the upward cycle of pain

This is a concept you may be familiar with and It is something I have been noticing a lot more recently.

I was at a local wellness event in Addlestone recently and I was chatting with a lovely lady, she was telling me that she had been working at a desk for the last 20 years, she was now in the office 2 days per week and the other 3 days working from home.

She mentioned that her desk set up at home was not doing her neck any favors nor was the set up at the office. She did not know what to do.

Coupled with the neck she was also waiting on an MRI for her knee, she had been getting pain in this for a few months and now struggling to exercise.

With the lack of exercise, she was then putting on weight, which then made the pain worse in the neck and knee as she was carrying more load.

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Think about if you had to carry a 10kg backpack around all day, when you sit, stand, and walk. Over time something will have to give, and it is very often our spines, knees and hips.  

Then because she wasn’t moving it was affecting her mental health, she felt down and with summer approaching she was lacking confidence.

This cycle is all to familiar to me and my team at West Chiropractic.

The traditional way of fixing this cycle is to go to the GP that will tell you to LOSE WEIGHT.

Ok, great, well how can I do that if I cannot exercise or walk because I’m in too much pain.

The way I see it, we need to get this lady out of pain first so then she can start exercising, walking and moving.

Then the weight will come off, then the stress on the joints reduces and it creates an upward spiral.

Her mood and mental health will improve as she feels better and more active.

There must be a break in the pattern before she can start changing the cycle, it starts with getting help first and then getting over the first hurdle.

You cannot do this all on your own.

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