What Causes Back Pain?

What Causes Back Pain?

The one we wanted to go through today is probably the biggest question we get asked. Somebody asked me this week and it’s ‘what causes back pain?’

So I wish I had the answer and I wish I could say to you this is the one, the number one thing that causes back pain for every single person. But as you probably already know if you have suffered with back pain or seen somebody who suffers with back pain, it’s different for everybody.

Now, back pain is one of those things whereby it can start, it can stop, it can then get really bad, and they can then go through peaks and troughs. So it’s really important when you do see a professional whether it’s a GP, a physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor to get an understanding of exactly how they can help you diagnose the root cause of the condition.

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What Is The Cause Of My Low Back Pain?

I’m obviously biased but I think it’s really important you’re going to see a different selection of people to find out who you align with the most to find out who’s asking you the right questions about where your pain could have started, what they can do to get it fixed, and how they can help you going forward.

So there’s a couple of things you need to think about, about what could have caused the back pain. So a lot of the time, people would say, “Oh! I fell over when I was younger.” “I bumped my coccyx and ever since then I’ve had a back issue and it’s gradually got worse and worse and worse because I sit all day or you know I’ve had three kids and one of the labors was really long and I didn’t carry my baby very well.

Or, people say, “You know what? I’ve just got no idea what caused my back pain.” Have you any slips? Have you any falls? “No.” Car Accidents? “No. Nothing. Never had a car accident. No.” So what do you do during your life? “Well, you know I was reasonably active. I’ve looked after myself, done yoga pilates, and I’ve got no idea what’s happening.” Well, look at this x-ray. You’ve got degeneration in your lumbar spine. What do you think could have caused that? “I have no idea.”

What Are You Doing Today That’s Causing Back Pain?

So often, it’s really difficult for us to give you an exact root cause. But what we can do is look at how you’re living your life now, what you’re doing, how your habits are formed, what your posture is like to prevent that problem from causing any more problems long-term to ensure that

You’re doing the best that you possibly can keep your spine in the best position all the time. So it’s not about trying to think about what could have caused it all the way back, although that’s important. It’s about what are you doing now that’s detrimental to your back.

So, are you sitting for too long? Are you working from home? Are you lifting incorrectly or some of your daily habits whereby, how your bending is not right? So really, important to get that checked. I would recommend you start with this Newsletter June 2021 It’s a really nice way to get some exercises done as well, make sure you’re doing the exercise in the correct way to keep your body as fit as possible.

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